The Local Bus and Other Useful Beliefs

Category :Beliefs and Values   Posted on December 17th, 2015   by Rita Neligan Medcalf

How do you prefer to travel when you arrive in a strange place (or even an exciting new one}?  Do you climb into the nearest taxi, which can usually be relied upon to get you to your destination in a straightforward manner?  Or did you spend hours on the internet before leaving the house, checking and cross-checking transport timetables?  How does hopping on the local bus sound?

orkney bus

Anyone can do it of course, however you may need to have certain useful beliefs before doing the hopping.

The first one is the belief that the bus will get you to or, at the very least, nearer to the place you actually think you want to ultimately get to.

The second can either be viewed as at odds with or even better than the first, depending on your frame for the trip.  This is the belief that wherever it takes you will be interesting and rewarding.

The third belief is that if you feel a little lost along the way, you will meet people who will help and guide you.  These people will be interesting, wise and well-versed in the local customs.

The final useful belief (the one that comes before the others I haven’t thought of yet) is the belief that you will learn something along the way that will be invaluable to you and will change your life in some way.

One experience that comes to mind for me was travelling on the local bus on the Orkneys having just flown in from Aberdeen.  When I asked at the bus stop if the bus went to Stromness I was answered enthusiastically, if unintelligibly by the driver and his only other passenger.  After a little pacing and leading I managed to slow down their excited tones.  Apparently there had been a fire and the main road was closed.  When I asked how long it would take to get there on the alternative route he replied that he wasn’t sure as he’d never been that way before.

Now I could have thought, “How typical!  The first time I arrive here and things are not going to plan.  I’m missing an opportunity to go the ‘right’ way and see all that is down there.”  Instead I chose to view this as the universe providing me with a unique opportunity to experience something new and different.  Which of course is how I actually experienced the sights and sounds of this new Island.

So next time you have the choice just pretend you already have those useful beliefs (and the ones I haven’t thought of yet) and hop on!

……….Speaking  of frogs.  I saw a great window display in a shop window whilst there.  There were two pot frogs, one male and one female.  Next to the male frog was a sign which said “Please don’t kiss him, he’s my husband!”.