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10 Years of learning to be First . . .

Thank you blueA close family member is in the process of starting up their own business and is experiencing the same mix of anxiety and excitement that we experienced just over 10 years ago when we launched ourselves upon an unsuspecting world as ‘First Position Performance Development’.  Our immediate instinct is to share words of reassurance with them and tell them that ‘everything will work out ok’, ‘you’ll soon adjust’ etc, whilst knowing deep down that they will only partially believe this and have to put the miles in and do it for themselves before their belief will really change. There will be much learning along the way of course, as...

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Making 2016 Your Best Year Yet

2016 Best Year YetAt this time of year Rita and I take time out individually to review our respective years, remind ourselves of our achievements and the joy we experienced  and learn from what we did well and could do better.  It’s a process that has served us well personally and as an organisation for the last 10 years.  This year we have set ourselves our first well-formed outcome of sharing our approach with our network of wonderful clients and devised two approaches to suit differing needs and learning styles. On 14th January we are again hosting our popular ‘Best Year Yet’ full day workshop in Leeds at Weetwood Hall. Read more

The Local Bus and Other Useful Beliefs

How do you prefer to travel when you arrive in a strange place (or even an exciting new one}?  Do you climb into the nearest taxi, which can usually be relied upon to get you to your destination in a straightforward manner?  Or did you spend hours on the internet before leaving the house, checking and cross-checking transport timetables?  How does hopping on the local bus sound? orkney bus Anyone can do it of course, however you may need to have certain useful beliefs before doing the hopping. The first one is the belief that the bus will get you to or, at the very least, nearer to the place you actually think you want...

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Influencing with Integrity – contradiction, confusion or commitment?

What’s the problem around here?

Time to stop and ponder for a moment . . . If you were asked “What’s the number one problem in your organisation?” what would be your reply? .Given the state of the nation in the last few humming birdyears it could well be a lack of something. Most probably, sufficient funds to fulfil your purpose and make a greater difference. What would others in your organisation answer? My guess would be that we would hear a resounding, one word answer, communication! That’s probably no surprise to you as it’s certainly the answer that we hear the most from people across a diverse range of sectors. The problem with...

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Sound Relationships Make for Happier Healthy Lives

Keeping relationships alive, open and responsive pays dividends in your personal and business life. children hands balloonIn our busy and complex lives sometimes we may forget how important our relationships are to our well-being. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between the quality of our connections with others and our sense of contentment and happiness. So appreciate the value of your relationships and invest a little time and energy in them. Relationships are rewarding, but can sometimes be a struggle too. If for any reason your relationship with someone important to you isn’t working as you would like, consider what you can do about it. Here’s a few tips to get things back on...

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