Thought Pattern Management™ Training – Leeds 2018/19

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Start with a day discovering Mental Landscaping one of the many amazing TPM tools then build on your learning


TPM Diploma Modules 1 & 2 …
Full TPM Practitioner All 5 Modules

Thought Pattern Management™ shows you how to communicate with and bring about long term changes within the mind and body in a natural and ecological way.

Simple exercises and gentle exploration help us explore patterns and develop more efficient and effective ones.

If you are a life or business coach, an NLP practitioner, a health professional and anyone who wants to help enhance motivation, emotional and physical wellness and peace of mind, you will want to know more about TPM principles, tools and techniques. These will be amazing additions to your toolkit to help you help your clients achieve the results they want more swiftly and easily than most other approaches you will be familiar with.

Would you like to discover new ways of working with clients that are fast, gentle, light and fun for client and practitioner?

TPM . . . brings about remarkable results in all kinds of change and healing outcomes:


● confidence building  ● motivation enhancing ● management and elimination of pain ● relationship improvements ● accelerated recovery from surgery or accidents ● other remarkable physical healings of the body including restoring sight and hearing.
“I work for an organisation that supports young people with big life challenges.  They have had a lot of counselling. Since I have trained in TPM I have been amazed by how quickly it helps them get results” Mentor, Coach, NLP practitioner.
It’s such a light yet profound way to work that is incredibly effective …I get GP referrals because I’m qualified in various fields but more and more I’m using TPM with clients because it’s fast and effective.”  CBT practitioners and psychotherapist
“TPM is imaginative creative effective and a beautiful way of working with the Unconscious Mind” Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner, Master TPM Practitioner
Join us to learn powerful concepts and techniques that will take your skills to a new level.


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 An Introduction to TPM

Rita talks about the Art of Mental Landscaping

———- Dates at a Glance ———-

Module 1 –  Mental Landscaping – 2 Days – Sept Fri 28/Sat 29
or …
Nov Fri 23/ Sat 24
Module  2 – Memories Matter – 2 Days –  Feb Fri 22/Sat 23 
Module 3 – Working with Multiply Memories 2 Days – Apr Fri 12/Sat 13
Module 4 – Working with Identity – 2 Days  – May Fri 24/Sat 25
Module 5 –  The Engineer Model – 2 Days – July Fri 19/Sat 20

Mo15073798_ml (2)dule 1: 2 days – The Art of Mental Landscaping

‘Mental landscapes’ provides a gateway to the unconscious mind.
These 2 days, gives you a new tool kit that you can start applying straight away. You will:

  • have fun exploring your own ‘mental landscape’ and experiencing its capacity to influence the way you think and feel about your world
  • work at a deep level exploring how our unconscious mind organises and responds to information.
  • identify elements that have major impact on people’s performance and happiness
  • create new arrangements for fast ecological change
  • gain greater insights into a client’s ‘real problem’ and help them explore possibilities for how to help themselves find solutions and achieve results more easily
  • begin to appreciate when mental landscaping can be really useful
  • work content free and achieve amazing results for yourself and your client

15073798_ml (2)Module 2: 2 days – Memories Matter

Over 2 days you will continue to develop your skills, to experience what is possible with TPM and use it confidently with yourself and others. The module includes leading client’s through the famous TPM ‘Single Memory Clean Up‘ to get lasting results:

  • learn TPM principles for working with others safely, respectfully and effectively .
  • understand the role of Memories in the process of change
  • get to the source memory, often beyond conscious awareness, and take ‘the sting’ out of any past event
  • guide clients in learning from past experiences to feel safer, lighter and happier with their personal history
  • help clients dissolve problems easily and convert heavy negative energy into light and resourceful energy
  • guide your clients to create their own changes and be sure these are right for them
  • get results more easily and quickly!

15073798_ml (2)Module 3: 2 days – Working with Multiply Memories

On these 2 days you will continue to build on the your skills from Modules 1 & 2 . You must have completed Modules 1 & 2 before joining us on Module 3. Here you will find out even more about we process information in the mind body system and ways of working with clients to use the best of   their creative unconscious mind to come up with solutions. Your learning over the 2 days will  include:

  • Identifying and taking the sting out of ALL painful memories easily and quickly with the TPM comprehensive memory clear up process.
  • Working with habitual patterns (some passed on from previous generations) to increase flexibility and develop more useful thought patterns
  • the TPM’s specific ‘client In-take’ process
  • the ‘silent emotional history’ process to lead the client’s unconscious mind to search for memories and the original source of unwanted patterns, without having to discuss any content
  • helping clients ‘let go’ of negative emotions and attachments through forgiveness and responsibility realignment
  • ensuring changes ‘stick’ through future pacing the TPM way

15073798_ml (2) Module 4:  2 Days Working with Identity

Identity affects the filters through which we see the world. It affects beliefs, motivation, health, contentment or inner conflict, as well as our self esteem, value and image.   What you learn on these two days will provide you with new ways of working with the core of what influences your client’s behaviour and contentment.

  • Noticing the clues for when perceived identity is the cause of a client’s issues
  • Re-alligning identity and aligning identity to purpose and values, beliefs capability and behaviours
  • Understanding the body systems and the interrelationship with the 3 main aspects of identity self image, self worth and self esteem
  • Changing personal histories TPM style and the differences that makes the difference
  • identiying and eliminating internal conflicts – through content-free parts appreciation, negotiation and intergration
  • Understanding secondary gains and positive intention
  • Using the mirror exercise to explore identity and gentle make ecological changes
  • Overcoming resistance by recognising and working with sabotage and deep rooted positive intentions behind what appear to be negative consequences

 15073798_ml (2)Module 5: 2 Days – The Engineer Model

Over 2 days you will learn how Robert Fletcher developed ways of working with the body’s inner intelligence to correct patterns at a structural level. These patterns include physical patterns. Eg pain responses, allergic reactions, body’s functioning.  “The Engineer Model”  derived from work Robert did with an engineer who became unable to process maths after a mining accident. The engineer metophor or similar is extraordinarily powerful in engaging the unconscience ming in complex and effecient healing processes. 

This modules Includes the engineer model for physical conditions, further exploration of Mental Landscapes and experiencing putting all your learning together

  • The engineering model – using TPM to work with with body systems
  • What to do when a client can’t alter something in their Mental landscape
  • Combining identity work and mental landscape – location and role of parts.
  • Pre-suppositons which help you to work successfully as a practitioner
  • Putting it all together – case studies and combining different techniques as you become a TPM Chef


——-Summary ~ Investment & Special Deals——–

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Each 2 day Module   £328 +vat
(£393 inc vat)
£246 +vat
(£296 inc vat)
Full practitioner
booked all at once –  further saving.
£1640 +vat
(£1968 inc vat)
£1170 +vat
(£1404 inc vat)
* Early bird and Conference deal

Looking forward to sharing & learning with you !

Your Programme Facilitator

Rita Neligan Medcalf – 07946 443930
TPM Trainer (accredited by TPM Europe & USA) & Master Practitioner

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