What will you find in the landscape of your mind?

Would you like to discovery how YOUR mind stores information? Would you like to shift negative thoughts and emotions ? Would you like to know how you can rearrange things to work even better for YOU? Would you like to bring useful resources into play when you are focusing on something really important to you? If so, you will love discovering the art of Mental Landscaping . . . just one of (more…)

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Discover the Art & Science of Excellence

Interest in NLP continues to grow as people observe how it can help to produce outstanding results across all areas of business, professional and personal life. Neuro Linguistic Programming evolved from the modelling of excellent performance and its exponents have distilled the principles of success to be readily available to people who want to improve their performance and results. Is it time you discovered these proven ways to boost yours? (more…)

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Breathing Calm …

Rita's Note from a Small Island ll

Are there times when you feel anxious, nervous or worried and you would rather feel calm instead? Click on image to hear Rita's tip for changing you mood ...

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NLP Awards Finalists

We are delighted to have been shortlisted as finalists in the International NLP Awards for our contribution to the Community & Public Service Sector.  First Position's contribution is summed up in the following extracts from the nomination:

"Their programmes have been built around key NLP models, ideas and techniques.  Their delivery style exemplifies the messages they are sharing and reflects their integrity, experience and congruence. They are known for their skill in creating safe learning environments where mindsets and paradigms can be challenged, enabling people to become more flexible and ‘respons-able’

... All approaches reflect Kevin and Rita’s key message that lasting change happens at identity, values and

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