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Category :blog   Posted on May 10th, 2017   by Rita Neligan Medcalf

Interest in NLP continues to grow as people observe how it can help to produce outstanding results across all areas of business, professional and personal life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming evolved from the modelling of excellent performance and its exponents have distilled the principles of success to be readily available to people who want to improve their performance and results.

Is it time you discovered these proven ways to boost yours?

Accredited NLP Business Diploma

A six day blended programme to boost your business success

This Diploma (accredited by ANLP) is for business and professional people who have heard about the significant benefits of NLP and want to experience and realise those benefits for themselves.

Key benefits for you ~ Imagine what it would be like to :

ü  Make a great first impression every time

ü  Connect with those who can move your business forward

ü  Spot how other people are thinking

ü  Be confident in your personal impact and influencing skills

ü  Have boundless energy and focus when it really counts

ü  Remain calm and relaxed when things don’t go as you planned

ü  Focus on what really matters and see your results soar

ü  Use powerful language to influence with sincerity and integrity

ü  Identify personal values and ‘hot buttons’ to motivate others

ü  Skilfully encourage stronger performance from your team

ü  Have a simple and powerful toolkit to support the strategic development of your business

Special Rate for YEN Members and Early-Bird Discount for first 6 to sign up

Early Bird YEN Discount

~ first 6 people to sign up ~ Only £475 (+vat)

Standard fee ~ YEN Members £575 (+vat)

Non Members fee £625 (+vat)

Workshop Venue & Dates

Days 9:30 – 18:00    Venue:   Malik House 29 Manor

Modules 1 & 2   21& 22 Sep 2017 … Modules 3 & 4   12 & 13 Oct 2017

Programme Structure

Four 1 day workshops plus 2 days on-line learning.   Module 1   Building Productive Relationships ; Module 2   Mood States ~ Being at Your Best;  Module 3   Powerful Language ~Influencing with Integrity;  Module 4 Alignment for Results ~ Values, Beliefs & Outcomes

Email for more info

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